Have some questions? Our FAQ has got the answers.

What are ‘standard inclusions’?

Standard inclusions are fixtures and features that are included in the price of your new home. Any of these items can be upgraded to meet your lifestyle and budget. These upgrades can be chosen and ordered at your Walter Homes appointment. Walter Homes elevates ourselves above the run-of-the-mill project home builders by offering higher standard inclusions as our base for all of our work, which in the long run will out last the competitors base inclusions.

Why do homes of similar size vary in price?

As Walter homes are builders of quality homes which endure time, we individually price each home to ensure the highest level of quality at the best possible price. In the present building environment building products, inclusions and designs are so wide and varied that each home has to be assessed individually to establish the correct price. The engineering, materials and construction methods used in the building of your home will have a great bearing on the overall price of the project. Also local council fees can vary considerably effecting the cost of the building.

Can we make alterations to your standard plan to suit our requirements?

By all means we wish for your dream home to be as individual as your tastes and lifestyle requirements.

Do we have a choice of building materials for our home?

Certainly. Walter Homes has a varied and numerous list of suppliers to draw upon to fulfil your design and building requirements. Whether you want a Federation, Tuscan, Contemporary or any other style will come down to your personal taste (a facade change will play a part in determining the total cost of the project).

How long does it take to build?

It is dependent on the size and construction of the home, and any difficulties encountered with the site itself. Don't hesistate to speak to us on our contact page for a free consultation!

Can I get help choosing colours for my house?

Yes. Our trained interior decorator/colour consultant and office staff are ready and able to help you with any questions regarding the colours and textures that you may choose to incorporate into your home.

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